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👔Founder Jordy Lokhorst
Owners Jordy Lokhorst
👦👩🏻🏻 members Jordy Lokhorst
👥 num_employees 1
🌐 Website :
🥚  Twitter/bestcoverartist
👍  Facebook/bestcoverartists
📷  Instagram/bestcoverartists
💼  LinkedIN/bestcoverartists

Bestcoverartists is a digital marketplace where self-publishers may sell digital products like as pre-made covers and cover art resources. You may use this platform as a creator to create your own shop where you can sell all of your items and display your portfolio in one site! Our goal is to support and motivate other designers to grow their companies by providing relevant advice and information to assist them improve their skills and attract more clients.


Bestcoverartists is a company started in 2019 by Jordy Lokhorst. After gaining thousands of Instagram followers, we decided to grow our company by creating a larger platform. "Music and design are a great match; both art and music have existed for as long as humans can remember, and this is unlikely to change." We aim to inspire designers to make the most of their professions by not just creating artwork for musicians, but also generating other sources of income.

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