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Opgericht 2012
Oprichter Twan Bakker
Status actief
Distributielabel AWAL/Bertus
Genre rock/metal
Land van oorsprong Vlag van Nederland Nederland
Locatie Roermond
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Portaal:  Muziek

RVPrecords, is een Nederlands platenlabel, opgericht in 2012, voornamelijk gericht op rock en metal. Het label verzorgt de release, distributie en promotie van nationale en internationale bands en artiesten.


  • Before The Drop (NL)
  • Rough Rockers (SW)
  • Mass Deception (NL)
  • Joe Matera (AUS)
  • Off The Grid (NL)
  • Huub Holtman (NL)
  • 90 Day Jane (NL)
  • Bitcho (NL)
  • We Fall Slowly (NL)
  • Transpunk (NL)
  • Newborn Lunatics (NL)
  • My Own Army (NL)
  • Unity (PL)
  • Ripsaw (NL)
  • Nem-Q (NL)
  • Clockwork (NL)
  • RED HOT (NL)
  • Sunburn (NL)
  • Spitting Nails (NL)
  • Marc Meesters (NL)
  • Phoenix'Ashes (NL)
  • Terrafyght (NL)
  • Giant Gutter From Outer Space (BR)
  • Penelope (NL)
  • Project Masquerade (NL)
  • The Scalding (NL)
  • One Wonders (NL)
  • Wigg (NL)
  • Battles of 1977 (NL)
  • GOOM (NL)
  • Faith Healer (NL/PL)
  • Defcon One (NL)
  • Drunken Dreams (NL)
  • Firezone (NL)
  • Dreadlock Pussy (NL)
  • Circus Mayhem (NL)
  • RVProject (NL)

Discografie[bewerken] UPC Artiest Titel Type Release
RVP19087 5054526220454 Before The Drop Everything single 1-Mar-2019
RVP19086 5054526220546 Before The Drop Someday single 1-Feb-2019
RVP19085 8719884019948 Rough Rockers Smoke & Mirrors LP 29-Apr-2019
RVP19084 8719884019931 Rough Rockers Smoke & Mirrors CD 29-Apr-2019
RVP19083 8719884017746 Mass Deception Redemptions CD 1-May-2019
RVP19081 5054526313491 Before The Drop One Chance single 4-Jan-2019
RVP18082 8719884016688 Joe Matera Waiting For The Sun EP 21-Sep-2018
RVP18080 8719884017081 Off The Grid Why You Talk To Strangers album 1-Jan-2019
RVP18079 8719884016718 Off The Grid Why You Talk To Strangers album 23-Nov-2018
RVP18078 5054526051218 Huub Holtman Blief single 14-Dec-2018
RVP18077 5054526482036 90 Day Jane Daylight EP 5-Oct-2018
RVP18077 8718868154842 Off The Grid A Lonely Soul album 30-Jul-2018
RVP18076 5054526229150 Bitcho Split LP with Huata EP 15-Jun-2018
RVP18075 5054526837164 We Fall Slowly Along The Way demo 9-Sep-2018
RVP18074 8719884017111 Transpunk Champagne Pigs album 26-Jan-2019
RVP18073 5054526082441 Newborn Lunatics Still thinking about it single 23-Feb-2018
RVP18072 8700001925082 My Own Army A Medicine Show EP 1-Apr-2018
RVP18071 5054526058484 Bitcho Toybox album 15-Jun-2018
RVP18070 8700001923873 We Fall Slowly My Turn EP 20-Jan-2018
RVP18067 8700001916523 Unity Promised Land album 18-May-2018
RVP18058 5054526281035 Ripsaw Raise My Glass EP 16-Feb-2018
RVP17069 8700001917759 Huub Holtman Trap Door single 3-Nov-2017
RVP17068 8700001917759 Huub Holtman Trap Door album 1-Dec-2017
RVP17066 8700001915250 Joe Matera Heart Of Stone album 29-Sep-2017
RVP17065 5054526935044 Nem-Q 301.81 [RE:diagnosed] single 1-Sep-2017
RVP17064 8700001915342 Clockwork Unbrakable EP 26-Aug-2017
RVP17063 5054526652828 Ripsaw live-EP EP 17-Aug-2017
RVP17062 5054526652811 Ripsaw promo-EP EP 14-Aug-2017
RVP17061 5054526969117 RED HOT I Try single 13-Jul-2017
RVP17060 5054526394032 Sunburn album 25-May-2017
RVP17059 8700001908474 Spitting Nails Forgotten album 7-Apr-2017
RVP17057 8700001906838 My Own Army Throw away the Silence EP 27-Jan-2017
RVP17056 8700001906432 Various RVPrecords Artists RVPrecords sampler #2 album 20-Apr-2017
RVP17055 8700001901833 Unity Almost There album 3-Feb-2017
RVP17054 8700001902762 We Fall Slowly The Change single 25-Feb-2017
RVP17053 8700001897686 Marc Meesters Compromise EP 8-Sep-2017
RVP17051 8700001910194 Phoenix'Ashes Sheep Amongst Wolves single 21-Apr-2017
RVP17050 8700001910187 Phoenix'Ashes Lost single 7-Apr-2017
RVP17044 8700001886673 Nem-Q Faultlines - EP1 & EP2 album 20-Jan-2017
RVP17043 8700001886666 Nem-Q Faultlines (Terranes) EP 20-Jan-2017
RVP16052 8700001897488 Terrafyght album 15-Oct-2016
RVP16049 8700001893374 GGFOS Black Bile album 17-Jun-2016
RVP16048 8700001891042 Penelope Superstar Idol single 21-Mar-2016
RVP16047 8700001890304 Phoenix'Ashes When loved ones are lost, we know that love never shall be;

And death will have no power over us.

EP 19-Mar-2016
RVP16046 8700001882521 We Fall Slowly Lose Your Heart/Let It Go single 19-Jul-2016
RVP16045 8700001888370 Mass Deception Revelations album 1-Aug-2016
RVP16042 642738958828 Project Masquerade Nothing but everything will remain album 1-Mar-2016
RVP16041 8700001882514 Joe Matera Then And Now album 1-Feb-2016
RVP16038 8700001886659 Nem-Q Faultlines (Subduction Zone) EP 19-Feb-2016
RVP15040 8700001881449 The Scalding Edge of Sanity single 1-Oct-2015
RVP15039 8700001881166 One Wonders Heart over Mind EP 24-Oct-2015
RVP15037 8700001880558 Wigg Sally album 13-Nov-2015
RVP15036 8700001878593 Phoenix'Ashes Until all we have left is slipping away single 31-Jul-2015
RVP15035 8700001873239 Phoenix'Ashes What we all face, is what we fear most single 24-Apr-2015
RVP15032 8700001869782 Battles of 1977 Broken Arrow pt. 2 album 01/09/2015?
RVP15031 8700001869263 Battles of 1977 Broken Arrow pt. 1 album 6-Mar-2015
RVP15030 8700001868686 90 Day Jane Essence of Time EP 27-Feb-2015
RVP15029 8700001868273 Phoenix'Ashes Monsters are only real if you allow them to be single 22-Jan-2015
RVP15028 8700001866897 GOOM Solar Motel album-LP 16-Apr-2015
RVP15027 8700001865845 GOOM Solar Motel album-CD 16-Apr-2015
RVP15026 8700001865494 We Fall Slowly Right here (acoustic version ft. Elynn) single 6-Feb-2015
RVP15025 8700001864480 Faith Healer Back to Zero album 9-Oct-2015
RVP15023 8700001860314 We Fall Slowly Do You Wanna / Cold Again single 1-Apr-2015
RVP14024 8700001861045 Defcon One (NL) The Perfection of Slavery album 23-Jan-2015
RVP14022 8700001860239 We Fall Slowly Butterfly Guillotine EP 1-Sep-2014
RVP14021 8700001859639 We Fall Slowly Take My Hand single 1-Aug-2014
RVP14020 8700001859233 Faith Healer Turn Up Sound single 1-Sep-2014
RVP14019 8700001867238 Various RVPrecords Artists RVPrecords sampler #1 album 1-Aug-2014
RVP14018 8700001858250 Penelope Bounce Back album 1-Sep-2014
RVP14017 8700001858083 Drunken Dreams Renegade single 1-Jun-2014
RVP14016 8700001852319 Firezone Hell to Pay EP 1-Apr-2014
RVP14015 8700001851435 My Own Army Too Many Faces album 1-Mar-2014
RVP14014 8700001829731 Clockwork Dawn album 1-Jan-2014
RVP14013 8700001829243 Phoenix'Ashes Unspoken Answers EP 1-Feb-2014
RVP14011 8700001828529 We Fall Slowly Right Here single 1-Feb-2014
RVP13010 8700001827072 Defcon One (NL) Able Archer '83 album 1-Dec-2013
RVP13009 8700001827065 Defcon One (NL) Fuck you, and die! album 1-Dec-2013
RVP13008 8700001825405 Nem-Q Opportunities Of Tomorrow album 1-Oct-2013
RVP13007 8700001825337 We Fall Slowly Harmless / Cut Your Lies single 1-Nov-2013
RVP13006 8700001825221 The Scalding The Conscious Dilemma EP 1-Oct-2013
RVP13006 8700001881456 The Scalding The Conscious Dilemma (re-release new artwork) EP 1-Oct-2015
RVP13005 8700001825238 GODSCUM The Great War EP EP 1-Nov-2013
RVP13004 8700001822701 Dreadlock Pussy La Migra EP 1-Aug-2013
RVP12003 8700001814072 Circus Mayhem Filipino Tiger Show EP EP 1-Oct-2012
RVP12002 8714835096320 Nem-Q 301.81 album 1-Sep-2012
RVP12001 8700001810937 RVProject The Cave Leads / Unstructure single 1-Jun-2012

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