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Table Duck

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Table Duck

Table Duck is a customer conversation solution provider. The company is based out of Alkmaar in the Netherlands. With its platform, businesses can manage and automate customer conversations.

Multiple communication channels like email, live chat, and social messaging channels like Telegram are brought into one inbox. It allows business to handle and automate customer conversations efficiently.


The company was founded in 2018 by Robbert Bregman and Mathijs Broeks and started as an online ordering solution for restaurants. It leverages chatbot and Conversational AI technology to automate conversations.

Table Duck won the 3rd price In Google Business Messages Build-an-Agent Contest, competing with companies like LivePerson and HeyDay.

In 2021 the company made a pivot shifting away from online ordering and into customer service automation where it’s currently active.


Competitors are LivePerson, HeyDay, Intercom


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